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About Us

The Association of Nonprofit Accountants and Finance Professionals (ANAFP) is the largest professional association dedicated solely to those working in and/or interested in the field of nonprofit accounting and finance.  Our members are made up of:

      • Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
      • Directors of Finance
      • Controllers
      • Finance Directors/Managers
      • Financial Analysts
      • Budget Managers/Analysts
      • Accountants/Bookkeepers
      • Grants Managers
      • Board of Directors
      • And even non-accounting and finance staff wishing to learn more about managing a nonprofit's finances

Since our founding, ANAFP's goal has always been to ensure nonprofits are operating with fiscal integrity, and we believe strongly in the skillset brought to these organizations by individuals working in the field of nonprofit accounting and finance in order to achieve that goal.  

We know that this profession is constantly evolving -- accounting standards change, new systems are created, and regulations become more complex to navigate -- and ANAFP actively works to help our members navigate these changes.

We also know that nonprofits work with limited resources -- sometimes staffed solely by volunteers -- so ANAFP continuously works to provide an affordable membership option compared to many professional associations. 

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