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Member Benefits

Boost your career by becoming a member of the Association of Nonprofit Accountants and Finance Professionals.  Members get access to all benefits listed below.  In addition, members may display their membership status on their resumes, CVs, and social media accounts.


Stand out from the crowd and showcase your commitment as a nonprofit accountant and finance professional by joining the only association dedicated solely to those working in this profession.  


Gain access to centralized information needed to perform your role as a nonprofit accounting and finance professional. Members receive full access to publications, tools, newsletters, and updates.  


Access to members only forum to ask questions, request help, and disseminate news and updates. Full access to members only online directory to network with other members in your area.


Have access to common tools (including files and spreadsheets) that are essential to those working in the nonprofit accounting and finance field and join webinars to learn how to use various systems and products. 

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