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The Association of Nonprofit Accountants and Finance Professionals (ANAFP) is the largest professional association dedicated solely to those working in and/or interested in the field of nonprofit accounting and finance

With the nonprofit accounting and finance profession constantly evolving, ANAFP works to keep members consistently up-to-date with changing regulations, a centralized repository of resources to perform their jobs, listings of conferences and events for professional development, a job board essential for employers and employees alike, and access to a list of various accounting/finance systems and accounting/audit firms specializing in nonprofits.  

ANAFP works to elevate the field of nonprofit accounting and finance as a specialized profession by serving as an advocate for those working in the profession, by serving as the international body for these professionals, and by advancing the field through disseminating industry-specific information.  

Our organization develops essential resources to assist those working in or interested in joining the profession.  Educational resources include publications, guidelines, tools, and lists of relevant conferences and webinars addressing our profession.     

Our organization also publishes and disseminates industry-specific information, including regulatory information that affects the profession.

We take positions, as needed, and promote those positions for standardization of quality especially in the field of fund accounting.  

We actively work to gather essential data and information specific to the profession, and we use such information to promote the specialization of the field.  In addition, ANAFP conduct surveys and research to compliment and expand upon statistical information about the profession. 

Lastly, the association works with patrons developing tools specific for the profession to ensure industry needs are met, and we work to disseminate these tools to our audience.

Join ANAFP today to showcase your expertise and commitment to the nonprofit accounting and finance profession. Get involved by becoming a Contributing Editor or joining our Board of Directors. Not only does your membership benefit your nonprofit by giving you access to tools and resources to help you better perform your job, you'll also set yourself apart from others by being able to proudly display your membership in our global association.   

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