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Wage Transparency Law Update: Washington, DC

22 Jun 2024 11:34 AM | Anonymous

Beginning June 30, 2024, the District of Columbia will have a stronger wage transparency law, which applies to employers of all sizes.  Below is a summary of the changes:

Screening and Salary Inquiries Prohibited
Under the amended law, employers won’t be allowed to screen job applicants based on their wage history, including by requiring that an applicant’s previous compensation fall between, above, or below certain minimums and maximums. Employers also can’t request or require that applicants provide their wage history as a condition of being interviewed or considered for employment. Employers also can’t seek an applicant’s wage history from their prior employer.

Wage history includes all information related to compensation from other employment, including but not limited to pay structure, bonus plans, benefits, paid time off, non-monetary perks, and salary increases.

Pay Ranges Required in Job Postings
Employers in D.C. will have to provide a good faith estimate of the salary or hourly pay range they expect to pay for the position being advertised. The estimate must include a minimum and maximum. This applies to all job listings and position descriptions, including internal postings for promotions and transfers.

Healthcare Benefits Disclosure
Employers will need to inform applicants about healthcare benefits they’d be eligible for if hired, and this needs to be done prior to interviewing. Employers can meet this obligation by putting the information in the job ad.

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